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Aquasure 3000
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Aquasure PRO 3000

The Aquasure Pro 3000 is a patented microbial testing system which eliminates transportation and holding time errors and delays, provides Rapid Test Results and which provides a sterile environment for testing, even in rural and remote areas. Aquasure Pro 3000 is utilized by governments, educators, water treatment and service personnel in Canada, the U.S., Mexico, Asia, Africa and Australia.

Aquasure PRO 3000 & Test Kits

Aquasure Pro 3000 (now approved by the EPA as an instrument for Rapid Testing of Microbial Contamination in Drinking Water), is a single test, precision, portable incubator utilizing patented STEPPI Technology to provide on-site and laboratory testing of microbial contamination in food and water supplies.

The Aquasure Pro 3000 used in conjunction with our Test Kit, provides an accurate, virtually fool-proof microbial test for field, rural and remote applications in the detection of Total Coliform and E.coli to WHO standards using globally approved methods (USEPA, AWWA-APHA etc.).

By using the Aquasure Pro 3000 the risk of public consuming tainted water and food is greatly reduced. The Aquasure Pro 3000 empowers the ground water controller to identify and respond quickly to a problem, eliminating delays caused by weekends and transportation to laboratories. The Aquasure Pro 3000 also eliminates the many false positives that result from loss of sample integrity caused by transportation, handling and holding time errors. Costly re-sampling and time delays are eliminated, as well as packaging, courier and laboratory costs. Public and administrator confidence in water & food supplies is significantly increased, due to more immediate access to analysis results and the ability to increase the frequency of testing without increasing costs.

The Aquasure PRO 3000 provides a Scientific On-Site Mini-Lab with numerous benefits, including:

  • A sterile testing environment anywhere.
  • The ability to test more frequently due to significant cost reduction;
  • Accurate, reliable testing in remote areas where conventional laboratories are not situated;
  • 24/7 access to results, even during times when laboratories are closed; weekends and holidays;
  • Quicker response to emergency situations; floods, storms etc.;
  • Elimination of delays in receiving analysis results, which currently affect the ability to take immediate preventive action;
  • Higher standards and more frequent testing by private enterprise, who service the public and are currently unable to do so due to budget restrains to conduct regular testing;
  • A tool for water and health professionals to use on-site and even in their automobiles. The inconvenience of carrying coolers and getting samples to a laboratory is eliminated;
  • State of the art technology that is so easy to use, water professionals, business and the public alike can monitor their own

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