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Aquasure 3000
TOGS 9000
AGACSS Software

AGACSS Software (Pronounced Agusus)

If the TOGS 9000 is the heart of the TOGS System, AGACSS is its life blood. AGACSS is a fully upgradeable, downloadable, powerful Automated Global Access and Communications Software System, providing optional real-time analysis tracking and reporting, with on-line high security storage capability and historical reporting.

AGACSS is equally effective and affordable for Large Networks (i.e. government agencies and laboratories) as it is for Stand Alone Systems (i.e. small municipalities and field inspectors).

"It's a perfect marriage! The TOGS 9000 & AGACSS are going to revolutionize the way in which microbial analysis are conducted. The TOGS System, eliminates entirely the need to physically ship samples to the lab for routine testing.

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