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Mobile Laboratories
Enviromental Groups
Food Processing and Pharmaceutical
Waste Water Treatment
Additional Applications
Photobacteria Reagents

Industry Specific Applications / Advantages


  • Eliminates the costs associated with customer base expansion. Geographical limitations are eliminated, while providing to the laboratory absolute control for analysis interpretation.
  • Built-in auto reporting to customers and regulatory agencies enables laboratory to forward specific information, as required;
  • Reduced labor costs;
  • Reduced real-estate, hundreds of customer results can be monitored with a single computer;
  • Quicker access to result analysis, 6 to 18 hours;
  • Elimination of courier costs, false positives and negatives related to transportation and holding time errors and delays;
  • Elimination of inventory and disposal costs, (reagent, specimen containers);

Mobile Laboratories, Home, Field and Health Inspectors

  • Low power consumption, means that a multiple of TOGS 9000 units can be run from a single auto battery;
  • Quantitative results in 6 to 18 hours from specimen collection;
  • Sophisticated data logging, date / time stamp and auto-reporting represents significant reduction of liability;
  • Web based reporting and data base storage
  • P/A verification with every test;
  • Simplified regulatory compliance and reporting.

Environmental Groups, Water Shed Managers, and Caretakers of Recreational Waters

  • Provides a system that enables environmental groups to empower volunteers and resident groups to participate in monitoring their environment at a minimum of cost, while maintaining absolute control over the result interpretation and data management;
  • Access to detailed statistical information, without the need to increase staffing for computer programming and system maintenance;
  • Provides the ability to increase the frequency of testing, thus obtaining better historical information for environmental management, policing and solutions;
  • Provides the ability to issue public alerts on a more timely basis;
  • Absolute mobility enables managers to increase emphasis on hot spots when required, without increasing capital investment;
  • Easy and affordable to implement into community specific-based programs;
  • Web based reporting and report distribution;
  • P/A verification with every test;

Food Processing, Pharmaceutical & Bottled Water Industries & Agricultural Applications

  • Laboratory result verification, without the need to physically transport samples to the laboratory;
  • Quicker access to results analysis ensures product safety;
  • Automatic reporting and data storage;
  • Historical information availability to more readily identify problem areas;
  • An ideal system to incorporate into unregulated areas where industry self-regulation is desirable;
  • Easy to operate without extensive training.

Municipalities, Waste Water Treatment Plants, Resort Owners and Other Public Water Supplies

  • Provides the fastest access to accurate quantitative results;
  • Automated certified laboratory reporting and supervision;
  • Automated regulatory reporting to compliance;
  • Decreased costs resultant from elimination of transportation costs, provides the opportunity to increase frequency of testing and subsequent safety of water supplies with existing budget;
  • Access to result analysis 24/7, ensures quicker response time for corrective action;
  • Report automation and simplicity encourages volunteer participation, without liability or compromising security, thus increasing the flexibility and overall effectiveness of the monitoring programs.

Additional Applications for the TOGS 9000 - Academic, Institutional, Corporate Research Opportunities

The phenomenon of bioluminescence (production of light by biological organisms) has and is being successfully used in microbiology. In addition to multi-cellular organisms (such as Fireflies) there are certain bacteria which can produce light under given conditions. These luminous bacteria, which are marine in nature, produce very efficient light energy when present in condensed suspensions. (i.e. culture growing in a liquid medium).

Luminescence ability is strictly dependent on the medium composition and requires oxygen. For effective light production they require constant incubation temperature and time. Generally the optimal growth of these bacteria is at room temperature (20 to 25 deg.C) with maximum intensity of light observed after few hours of incubation. In some cases optimal growth has been observed at higher temperature.

Generally these bacteria do not cause any diseases and are safe to handle. In addition, since they are marine origin, they will not fugitively proliferate the environment. These bacteria have been successfully used in environmental applications

The 9000 also acts as a portable luminometer for tests using photobacteria and is ideal for providing the optimal conditions required to produce efficient light energy from these bacteria, since the light energy produced are in the visible region of 400 - 500 nm .

Areas of Application using Photobacteria reagent & TOGS 9000

Note: Products for these tests are commercially available in freeze dried powder form.

  1. Toxicity Test Measurement of total contaminants (organic and heavy metals) in water. Applications: Plant effluent, leachate toxicity, soil contamination, drinking-waste water (terrorism), and Watershed projects.
  2. BOD Measurement of the organic loading /contaminants. Applications: - Process control adjustment, organic loading in wastewater treatment plants, wastewater effluent.
  3. AOC - Assimilable Organic Carbon Measurement of the potential of bacterial growth. Applications: - Desalination plants, water treatment process and biofouling.
  4. Mercury and Arsenic Application: - Testing water.
  5. Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbon - PAHs Bioavailable Short and long term toxicity
  6. Biocide Activity Test Applications: -Industrial cooling and heating systems, pulp and paper industry

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