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Aquasure 3000
TOGS 9000
AGACSS Software

Biospec Global Products

Our Technology takes adavntage of the development of chromogenic and fluorogenic reagents to conduct microbial testing and opened the door to better and faster testing protocols. They provide additional opportunity to use technology such as optical spectroscopy to conduct microbiological analysis. AQUASURE PRO 3000 & TOGS 9000 although simple to operate, represents a major breakthrough in precision testing of microbials.

Introducing the TOGS 9000

The Biospec Global TOGS 9000 is based on the Time of Growth Spectrophotometer (TOGS) technique, it provides rapid state-of-the-art simultaneous detection and enumeration of microbiological parameters such as total Coliform, E.coli., Enterococci and Total Bacteria in a given sample. Using globally approved chromogenic/fluorogenic reagent methods it provides an automatic detection technique, thus removing any potential human error associated with the visual detection process.Click Here to Learn More.

The Aquasure Pro 3000

The Aquasure Pro 3000 is a patented microbial testing system which eliminates transportation and holding time errors and delays, provides Rapid Test Results and which provides a sterile environment for testing, even in rural and remote areas. Aquasure Pro 3000 is utilized by governments, educators, water treatment and service personnel in Canada, the U.S., Mexico, Asia, Africa and Australia.Click Here to Learn More.

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